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NOTE: Candidate should use Master Question Paper only for the purpose of raising Objections on Preliminary Key, as during the examination (in each session) the questions and options are jumbled.

1) The candidate has to map the “Question id.”(10 digits) from his “Response Sheet” against the “Question id.”(10 digits) of the “Master Question Paper” for a given day and a given session. Raise the Objection(s) corresponding to the options given in the “Master Question Paper” only.

Example: If the Question id. is ‘1234567891’ in the candidate’s Response Sheet, then the option of same Question id. i.e., ‘1234567891’ of the Master Question Paper should be considered for the purpose of raising Objection.

2) The candidate can raise objection(s) on any number of question(s) but only “ONCE”. Hence, the candidate is advised to list out all the Objection(s) along with justification before raising objection(s) ONLINE by visiting the “Objections on Preliminary key” on the website “eamcet.tsche.ac.in”

3) The Objection(s) submitted without proper justification will be summarily rejected.

I have read and understood the above Guidelines for raising Objection(s).